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A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer or equivalent in order to be able to recognize it. No personal information is stored in our cookies and they cannot contain viruses.


Purpose of cookies on our website:

  • Technical functionality so that we can remember your settings.

  • Traffic measurement, so we know how many people visit our site and can document this to advertisers.


This website is a "tango postcard". ​


Privacy policy

We do not handle personal data on the website and the website presents a private event. ​ Should you find yourself in a picture on the website and you do not want to be on the website, please contact us so that we can rectify the situation. The majority of the photos on the website have previously been published on Facebook. ​


Contact Information Morten Wadstrøm, mobile +45 5196 6027 ​


We reserve the right to change this privacy policy from time to time.

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