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Here are our DJ's!

We have heard all of them from our tango journeys into the world of social dancing and love their music and the way they connect to the floor.

Sydfyn Embrace is an event that embraces the social dance and music is therefore classic tango music.

DJ's 2024

Here are the DJ's playing at Sydfyn Embrace 2024:

  • Céline Devèze, Frankrig

  • Michael Lavocah, England

  • Jenny Hellgren, Sverige

  • Hans Leutscher, Holland

  • Morten Wadstrøm, Danmark

Céline Devèze, Frankrig

We heard Céline at La Colmena 2023 and were impressed over her selection of music and how it resonated with our dance. Nice balanced tandas suitable for a Sunday milonga after many hours of dancing throughout the weekend.

Céline is a well-known DJ at marathons, festivals, and encuentros across Europe and we are very happy for the opportunity to host such a respected DJ at Sydfyn Embrace 2024. We are looking so much forward to see what magic she will bring to our event.

Here is how Céline presents herself:

A musicalizadora with elegance, emotion and energy, her music selection is passionate and is well known and loved by dancers all over Europe. Céline aims to keep intact the energy of the ball room while privileging the emotion of the group, and intimacy of each dancer with a nuanced selection of traditional tango music from periods between the 1920's to the late 50's. She organises Pasionaria Milonguera (in Nice/France), she is a tango teacher and a highly soughtafter DJ all over Europe. She says: “The most important thing is to actually feel what is happening on the dance floor, and to adapt the musical selection according to its mood.”

Link to Céline's webpage: DJCéline Devèze | TANGO NIGHT BIRD (


Michael Lavocah, England

We know Michael from our tango adventures in Norway and also from Denmark, and it has always been inspiring to listen to his music. Last time was at “Fjordtango” in Sandane, where Michael had the last milonga, where I don’t recall having taken so many notes before. His tanda’s kept me on the floor and was accompanying my mood of sadness over a nice tango event coming to an end. 

Yes, and Michael is also the author of “Tango Stories” ( and books about “Troilo”, “D’Arienzo”, “Di Sarli”, “Pugliese” and “Canaro”. And he and Dag Stenvoll, made Trines and I get through the corona pandemic with the “Tango by year” event. Their programs and Michaels books and tango talks has been and is still a huge inspiration for me as a TDJ myself.

Here is how Michael present himself: 

Michael Lavocah has dedicated his life to tango music. His passion for and knowledge for the music shine through but as a DJ the most important thing for him is to be sensitive to what is unfolding on the floor.

"I'm never frustrated by not being able to dance when I DJ: I am dancing with everyone".


Jenny Hellgren

We had the pleasure of dancing to Jenny’s tandas at “Luz del Norte” this summer in Stockholm, and I have a preference for rhythmical classic music with a good melody, and Jenny nailed that. Jenny is also a very good close embrace dancer, and when I talked to some of the local dancers during the milonga about Jenny’s tandas, they just replied “Yes, it’s our Jenny”!


Here is how Jenny describes herself as a TDJ:


Tango has been my passion since the late 1990s, dancing as a follower and leader, teaching, TDJ'ing and working to spread curiosity about tango music. The last ten years it became clear that I experience connection strongest in close-embrace dancing and with traditional music, mainly from the 30s and 40s. Therefore, this music is always the core of my TDJ'ing, together with carefully selected cortinas.  As a TDJ I am focusing on comprehending the mood of the event and my ambition is always to bring the best out of the connection between dancers, music and movement and encourage people to be a part of the dancefloor with a smile.

Hans L Tango (image Christine Dillon)-EDIT.jpg

Hans Leutscher!

Hans was also TDJ’ing at Sydfyn Embrace in 2023, and before the event Hans wrote to me if anyone had done a room profile in an equalizer! I was not aware of this option at this time, but it really makes sense, especially if you are working with quality in tango music. And this is Hans, quality! The music he plays is of a super quality when it comes to how it sounds and the way he puts the tanda’s together.

We are so happy that Hans accepted our invitation once again to play at Sydfyn Embrace.


Here is how Hans presents himself:    

When being DJ, I try to create a journey for the dance floor. I see a milonga as a narrative, transformed into a series of well-known love stories lasting for only ten minutes, connected by cortinas that are helping saying goodbye and prepare for the next one.

I am always looking for the stories, the big ones, the ones that remind us what it is to be human.

And the more I listen to tango music, the more I discover that in -order to really understand tango- I should listen to classical music from the Romantic Period.

Musicians from that era knew how to interpret tempi and transform the notes that are written on paper into their own dramatical musical expression.

And opera of course, specially from that time. Masterpieces by Puccini or Verdi are filled with moments where life is being celebrated to the max on the scene.

I think it is this kind of musical storytelling and individual way of interpretation of a music source that can be recognized in tango.

As dancers we are supposed to be a part of the orchestra, 'painting the music with our feet and body', becoming part of a greater drama, if we want it or not!


Morten Wadstrøm

It seemed a bit strange to write my own introduction, so I asked Hans who has been listening to me a couple of times. Here is what he writes:

Now it’s time to introduce the next and last TDJ at Sydfyn Embrace.
Morten, also known as “The One with The Beard”, takes care of the music in the same way he takes care of his guests in his role as an organizer.


Carefully, thoughtful, and always with a positive touch and smile. His sets are a joy to dance to.

Thanks Hans!


Here's how I present my self: 


There is so much delightful tango music from the late '20s, '30s, and '40s - music that makes it impossible to sit still, music that makes you dance, music that brings happiness. And just as I enjoy dancing to it myself, I also love playing it for others and getting them to dance. I can get almost equal emotional from both activities.

With nearly 10 years of experience playing at various tango events in Gernany, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, and have a preference for classic tango music characterized by energy and rhythm.


I look SO much to play for you.

Former DJs


Friday: Hans Leutscher Holland, Saturday afternoon: Ida Carnerup, Malmö, Saturday afternoon: Michael Griffin, Hamburg, Sunday: Morten Wadstrøm, Svendborg. 


Friday: Tara TP, Washington DC, Saturday afternoon: René Bøgh-Larsen, Nyborg and Saturday evening: Luis Cono, Malmö. Sunday: Morten Wadstrøm, Svendborg.

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