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Here are our DJ's!

We have heard all of them from our tango journeys into the world of social dancing and love their music and the way they connect to the floor.

Sydfyn Embrace is an event that embraces the social dance, and music is therefore classic tango music.

DJ's 2025

We are very proud to precent the DJ's playing at Sydfyn Embrace 2025. We know each one of them, and have heard them play at several events. They are amazing!


 Here is the 2025 DJ team: 

  • Céline Devèze, France

  • Tara TP,  USA

  • Jenny Hellgren, Sweden

  • Hans Leutscher, Netherlands

  • Morten Wadstrøm, Denmark

Former DJs


Friday afternoon: Hans Leutscher, Netherlands, Friday Evening: Michael Lavocah, England, Saturday afternoon: Jenny Hellgren, Sweden, Saturday afternoon: Céline Devèze, France, Sunday: Morten Wadstrøm, Denmark. 


Friday: Hans Leutscher Holland, Saturday afternoon: Ida Carnerup, Malmö, Saturday afternoon: Michael Griffin, Hamburg, Sunday: Morten Wadstrøm, Svendborg. 


Friday: Tara TP, Washington DC, Saturday afternoon: René Bøgh-Larsen, Nyborg and Saturday evening: Luis Cono, Malmö. Sunday: Morten Wadstrøm, Svendborg.

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