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When we dance, we dance with each other and not for people watching. Having said that, we love good photos from tango events. They help to sell the tango, and the best of them touch us. 

Therefore, a photographer plays an important role at tango events.

The photographer at Sydfyn Embrace 2024 will be Martin Anders from Hamburg. 

We know Martin and loves his pictures, that has captured the soul of the events we have participated in together with Martin.

Martin describe him self this way: 

"I like pictures with somewhat unusuall perspectives which shows sometimes funny things, and the small things besides the dancing (off course potraits as well but not only). I live with my wife Tina (Tangodancer as well) and my daughter in Hamburg and we enjoy local Milongas in Hamburg and travel a lot to events in Europe, mostly Encuentros but also some Marathons.

Tango has been my big passion for about 18 years and photography for about 4 years and I combine both passions.

For a small selection of my pictures use this link: It is my flickr account with many albums with Tango pictures from all around Europe."

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