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Lillemarkens Tangosalon

Lillemarken's Tangosalon is located far, far out in the countryside. In a wonderful garden and with a round dance floor...

Lillemarkens Tangosalon

Lillemarkens Tangosalon is an outdoor milonga that takes place 3-6 times a year, depending on the weather.


The dance floor is located in a garden that has been built up with several garden rooms and large beds with perennials, bushes and trees. A garden project that started in 2014 with redesigning the entire garden.


In connection with Sydfyn Embrace, there will be an outdoor milonga at Lillemarkens Tangosalon at Sunday, if the weather permits. It's a part of the event. ​


Lillemarken's Tangosalon is located at the address: Lillemarken 8, 5762 Vester Skerninge. ​


Trine and Morten are the organizers of Lillemarken's Tangosalon. ​


Note! The dance floor is a round floor with tiling, and although between 1-2 kg of potato flour is used per milonga, it is recommended to bring shoes that match the surface. ​


At the local tango community's website, you can read more about Lillemarkens Tangosalon:

You can also follow Lillemarkens Tangosalon on Facebook: Lillemarkens Tangosalon - Hverdagsmagi langt ude på landet | Vester-Skerninge | Facebook

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