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Stakladen is a fantastic venue in Tåsinge near Svendborg, where parties can also be held.

An old barn from 1953...

"Stakladen" is a wonderful old stack barn from 1953. It has been completely renovated and today is used as a venue and for other events such as Sydfyn Embrace. ​


Sydfyn Embrace has all 5 milongas at Stakladen and all gourmet meals also take place here. ​


We are SO happy that it is possible to do tango in Stakladen's beautiful space. ​


Stakladens website:  Stakladen Sydfyn | – Stedet for dit arrangement

Stakladens address is: Gammel Nybyvej 73, Tåsinge, 5700 Svendborg.

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