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Registration for Sydfyn Embrace 2024 is closed!

Registration always starts 8/1 at 12:00 by adding a link to this page with a form from where you can registre and send. You can register until we write on the website that registration is closed. It is not on a first come, first served basis, and it can take up to 3 weeks before we send out confirmations.  

We will reply as soon as possible via email, either with a message that you are participating and how to pay, or with a message that you have been added to our waiting list.  

Each individual must complete and submit a registration. If you wish to register with a dance partner, please indicate who your dance partner is on your registration. We value a roughly equal gender balance.

Please note, Sydfyn Embrace is a closed event. It is not possible to buy tickets at the door at the milongas.


Your registration is strictly personal and cannot be given to others.

We do not give you the reason why you are included or why you were not included and are on the waiting list.

If you have listed a dance partner on your registration and your dance partner has listed you, and your dance partner cancels, we reserve the right to possibly transfer you to the waiting list at a later date without refunding of your participation fee._

After you have received an email with confirmation of participation, you have 14 days to pay. If we do not receive the money within 14 days, we reserve the right to put you on the waiting list and let your place go to someone else. We do not send out reminders.

If you are prevented and cancel before April 15, you will get 50% of the participation fee back. After this date no refunds will be made.

If the weather prevents us from arranging Sudays outdoor milonga, it will be cancelled. No money will be refunded if it is cancelled.


Milonga pas 114 euro pr person (5 milongas, top DJ's, Tango talk, and free bar on locations)

3 meals 74 euro pr person

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