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Registration for
Sydfyn Embrace 2024

You are now registering for Sydfyn Embrace 2024. Fill in the required fields and press 'Send.' We will respond to your registration within 3-4 weeks.

It is important for us that you copy the address of your Facebook profile into 'Link to your Facebook profile.' The address is located at the top of your browser.

If you are registering as a 'pair,' your dance partner must also register!

If you have any doubts, please check our website, or contact us."


Milonga pas 114 euro pr person (5 milongas, top DJ's, Tango talk, and free bar on locations)

3 meals 74 euro pr person

I register as
Meals Friday evening and Saturday


Your registration is strictly personal and cannot be given to others.


We do not give you the reason why you are included or why you were not included and are on the waiting list.


If you have listed a dance partner on your registration and your dance partner has listed you, and your dance partner cancels, we reserve the right to possibly transfer you to the waiting list at a later date without refunding of your participation fee._


After you have received an email with confirmation of participation, you have 14 days to pay. If we do not receive the money within 14 days, we reserve the right to put you on the waiting list and let your place go to someone else. We do not send out reminders.


If you are prevented and cancel before April 15, you will be refunded the entire amount for meals and 50% of the milonga pass. After this date no refunds will be made.

If the weather prevents us from arranging Sundays outdoor milonga, it will be cancelled. No money will be refunded if it is cancelled.

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